The Power of Words can affect and change us all ... for the better

by Admin Admin

All too often we take many things for granted – our loved ones and friends, our wellbeing, the secure lives we lead, television, mobile phones, the internet and the list goes on.

 But I also believe we take words and the use of them for granted. How often have we blabbered out words only to regret having said them? How often have we reacted to situations with outbursts that hurt the people we love. History has shown how words uttered have led to so many life changing events and we still see this happening today.

It’s getting to a point where we take words and the use of them so much for granted that we can say just about anything and not give a damn about the consequences. We are seeing this slowly playing out in our society as people become more callous, untruthful, indifferent, detached, suspicious, alienated, victimised, ostracised and if I dare say, downright unfriendly!

Words are used to express and explain. They are a reflection of our thoughts and emotions and, have enormous power to affect our actions!

So words do matter and the choice and use of them have become even more crucial. We’re living at a time where more negative words are being broadcast and spread. Why? Well, because that’s the way events are happening and shaping up. I suspect many people today are so confused, perplexed and concerned about all that is unfolding that I believe their minds are filled with a flurry of words that is making them feel uncertain, anxious and stressed! And then, there are those who just don’t care.

I firmly believe the world is at a threshold – it can start making a conscious effort to choose and use its words carefully, positively and purposefully so as to affect proper and better behaviour, or we can continue on the path that will lead to more pain and suffering!

Let’s take this opportunity and moment to start choosing and using words that can turn negativity to positivity, intolerance to tolerance, hatred to love, unrest to peace, cruelty to kindness, words that can help make us better people so that we can protect and maintain the sanity and peace of all. Doesn’t all of this sound good and doable and you want the change?

If they do, then it starts with you.

Let’s start inspiring and spreading goodness through the power of words!


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