It's Time to Inspire and Spread Goodness Through The Power of Words (POW)

by Admin Admin


My apologies for so many “welcomes” but being a newly launched site with a very focused approach, it seems only polite to do so. Words and manners do matter.

My reasons for starting this site and movement are clearly explained in my website (under About POW) and I hope you’ll subscribe to the idea of using the power of words, everyday of your lives, to make this world a better place.

Has this world gone crazy or what? Everyday, in the news, we read and hear nothing but sad news, from natural disasters (some might have you believe it has nothing to do with climate change), irresponsible behavior by politicians (one supposedly belonging to the most powerful, advanced and democratic nation on this planet, no less), senseless killings, cruelty to humans and animals, and the list goes on! Sadly, I feel, even when there’s good news or something positive worth sharing, they hardly get a second glimpse and more often than not, an “oh, by the way” mention at the end of a news programme. The focus then switches back to the more “juicy” bits. Why can’t the reverse happen?

What have we become or are becoming? Why has the idea of being good or doing good things for one another become so alien that you’d be seen as a “thing” from another planet when you do something good?

I know there are millions of wonderful and courageous lesser-known people out there doing great things for their fellow humans but most of their efforts and stories go unnoticed. And this where I hope Inspire and Spread Goodness through POW can offer another channel for such people to be heard and share their wonderful and inspiring stories, words, phrases, images, etc.

For this to happen, I encourage you to participate and contribute as much as you can because it begins with the individual.

I would also encourage you to make a conscious effort, from today, to fill your minds, hearts and souls with positive words such as those in my t-shirt, tote bag and poster designs (more are on their way). You may, of course, create your own. Then repeat them in your head and heart over and over until they are embedded in your subconscious and become second nature to you. Eventually, you will notice a change.

It can be done! Our parents unknowingly did it when they drummed into us when we were children proper manners, good behavior and common decency. And most of us have turned out to be pretty decent human beings. But there’s work to be done as I believe many of us have somehow lost our way.

Words have such power and impact that it’s is time to use them to good effect and enrich our lives with love, peace, joy, goodness, humility, kindness, simplicity and so on!

Let’s start inspiring and spreading goodness through the power of words!


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