How can we use the Power of Words to make us better people and the world a better place?

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So I’ve pretty much explained what Inspire and Spread Goodness Through The Power of Words is all about.

The big questions now, I suppose, will be, what kind of effect will POW have? Will it spark an interest in people and change them and their outlook? Will they appreciate the movement enough to make a conscious effort to use the power of words to inspire and spread goodness? Can it start a movement and build a community of like-minded people?

The idea of starting the movement hit me slightly more than a year ago. I suspect it was my subconscious reaction to what was happening in the world and also because I’ve always wanted to use graphic design at a social level. At first, I wasn’t so sure if the idea would work or attract any attention, given the cynicism in today’s world. It seemed too simplistic and I was afraid that it would fall flat. But something kept urging me on, saying I had to give this a go and I shouldn’t be concerned about what people’s response might be. I remember reading in a magazine by a spiritual writer saying something to the effect of, “you can’t control people’s response to whatever you do. You just have to do what you feel is right or believe in, do it as well as you can and put it out there.”

So I have now put it out there and as well as I can.

Back to the questions earlier. After more than nine months of building and creating the ideas and designs for POW and, having used the sample products myself and being constantly exposed to the words for six months or so, I am certain that POW will have an effect on people but not in the way I had originally thought. My first thought or belief was, that by using the products I had designed, they would make an impression on and trigger conversations with people who’d see me using the products. Then, hopefully, their interest would be piqued enough that they too would be inspired to jump on the wagon and spread goodness either through my products or things they could create on their own.

But having used the sample products and had the words constantly in my mind, I found that the person who’s been affected the most, is myself. Sounds like a “duh” moment but the fact that I‘ve been using the products and have had the words constantly in my head, made me very conscious of what they were saying to me. It made me realise that my thoughts, actions, responses etc had to reflect them. Slowly but surely, they began to sink in.

Now I feel my responses (not reaction) to situations be they emotional or otherwise have become more measured and calm. For instance, through the words “tolerate for the sake of humanity”, I find that I am more patient and forgiving when I am on the road and someone cuts in front of my car or turns without signalling. No kidding! Yes, I suppose spiritual people who practice meditation, yoga and so on would also probably have the same response but perhaps now there is another channel for people who are not as spiritually inclined to become more patient and forgiving.

So this is the bottom line, the key words here are “MAKING A CONSCIOUS EFFORT” , “REPETITION” and “AWARENESS”!

I believe that if people were to consciously start filling their minds, hearts and souls with positive words and repeat them as often as they can, before going to bed, when they wake up, when they are walking or jogging, eating and so on, the power of those words will sink in, become a part of them and they’ll find that they’ll become more aware of and in tune with their emotions, actions and responses.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. As I have mentioned, it all starts with the individual!

Let’s start inspiring and spreading goodness through the power of words!


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