What is Inspire and Spread Goodness through the PowerofWords (POW for short)?

POW is a movement - a movement to bring something good into this world that can make a positive impact on people’s lives. Its Vision is embedded in its name.

Hello, my name is Beng. I am a trained graphic designer but I also design kitchens, bathrooms and have been involved with designing and project managing steel-framed homes (Always wanted to be an architect!). I was originally from Singapore, studied in Portland, Oregon, USA but now live permanently in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

I have been a graphic designer for more than 30 years and have successfully used the power of words and images to help corporate and small businesses grow, and through the process have won international and regional design awards. Over the years, I have been grappling with the thought of channeling my talents and skills towards another direction, a direction that could help others at a social level instead of just the business world.

It suddenly dawned on me, that if I can use the power of words and images to help businesses grow, surely I’ll able to use them to help people grow too by encouraging them to treat themselves and one another better. It was a calling and it was something that I felt I just had to do.

And so, POW was born. And to be honest, I suspect the calling was in some way a reaction to what has been, and is, happening in this beautiful planet of ours - so much divisiveness, destruction and pain. You see and hear about them everyday in the news!

So, you really have to ask, “why does it have to be like that” and what if there was an alternative channel? A channel that uses positive words and images to spread goodness instead of ugliness? Many of us are fortunate and lead normal lives with little fear of being subjected to such pain and atrocities. So perhaps this is where POW can begin spreading its movement - to individuals within these “safe” communities.

The inspiration behind POW is loosely based on Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiment (apparently this experiment has been debunked) where frozen water in beakers wrapped with positive words such as “love”, showed beautifully formed crystals while beakers wrapped with negative words such as “hate” showed badly formed crystals. In POW’s case, it doesn’t matter how true or untrue Dr Emoto’s experiments were but the idea behind his experiments seems plausible.

So, it is POW’s belief that if we humans are subjected to as many positive words and images as possible on a regular or daily basis, we too may become beautifully formed “crystals” and help inspire others. We all know how effective the power of words and images can be!

The world is a beautiful planet for all of us to live together but we are slowly and surely destroying it and ourselves through all that is ugly and evil. We need to replace these with love, peace, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, patience, respect, sharing, trust and all that is good. A little naive or farfetched you might say? But POW firmly believes something has to be done. So rather than sit idly and watch us destroy ourselves and our planet, POW has to give it a go to try and make things better.


In short, POW = using words and images to inspire and spread love, goodness and peace because life is worth loving. And by spreading these, POW is confident our experiences in life, with one another and nature can only get better.